Part 6 – Installing PyQt for Softimage

This is a lot easier than you may think. All you need is the PyQt install and the PyQt for Softimage Plugin.

Before we start though, you need to download and install pywin32 (for windows users only). Its a straight forward install, just click next till it’s done. Pywin just adds some extra functionality to the windows version of python that is needed to keep things running smoothly.


Now, you can download PyQt from Riverbank website.

If you’re on Mac or Linux you’re going to have to compile PyQt yourself, but for Windows users you simply have to download one of the installers, run it and viola; all done!

The current version of Xsi is using Python 2.6 and as I mentioned in the previous post, the PyQt Plugin for Xsi is x64 so you’ll need to download PyQt-Py2.6-x64-gpl-4.9.4-1.exe. The important bits in PyQt-Py2.6x64-gpl-4.9.4-1.exe show that the python version is 2.6 and system type is x64 . So if you use a version later than 4.9.4 it should still work as long as you download the one where those two are right.

For the PyQt for Softimage Plugin go to and find the link Then Right-Click on it and choose to save the link. This will download the plugin for you (you can also do it on the link example posted here).
For Mac and Linux users: there are some build instructions to help you out too on the PyQt for Softimage page.

Now that we’ve downloaded everything we need, all that is left is to install, so install the PyQt file you downloaded from the Riverbank site and afterwards, open Xsi.

In Xsi go File Menu >> Add-On >> Install.

Click the button to the right of “Filename” and select your downloaded “PyQtForSoftimage_beta4.xsiaddon”. If you want to install it to a workgroup you can by selecting “Workgroup” from the “Root Location” combo. Otherwise leave it as is to install the plugin to your Xsi User Prefferences folder.

Then click Install and you’re done!!!

After restarting Xsi you can start creating PyQt GUIs  in Softimage and take your plugins to the next level 😀

…and in the next lesson I will show you how 😉

ALSO: A huge HUGE thanks to Steven Caron and Jo Benayoun for this awesome plugin.

2 thoughts on “Part 6 – Installing PyQt for Softimage

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